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Spotlight Dog

Archie is a sweetheart of boy, who really seems to like people, both young and old, male and female.  He was found wandering around the streets of Tijuana, and probably spent some time fending for himself there, but he has adapted very well to life inside the home.  He is a very good citizen, and does not have accidents in the house.  Nor does he counter-surf or root through the trash.  And the only time he'll climb on furniture is when he is specifically invited.  That being said, he does like a good snuggle with his humans while watching TV at night, and he'll sleep next to you at the foot of your bed.  He would do well with either a single person or a whole family.  He loves, loves, loves ball chasing, and might also make a decent running companion.  Basically, a "no fuss, no muss" kind of dog--very easy to take care of.