Rescue Dogs Rule!



Fosters Needed

Consider opening your home temporarily to a dog in need. Fostering is an important step on a pet’s journey to their forever home. A home environment is best for their health and wellbeing. Fostering dogs in a home environment allows them to thrive in a home setting and practice forming bonds. Fostering a dog is a highly rewarding way to assist Labrador Rescuers.


Find Your FUREVER Friend! 

Spotlight Dog


Hershey has settled in nicely with his foster family and their three teens. He really loves people and greets anyone who visits with friendliness and enthusiasm. His tail becomes quite the "helicopter". It's quite comical! Hershey knows his basic commands such as sit and stay and is steadily improving his leash manners. He loves his walks, but can pull on the leash, especially when seeing another dog. Normally we cross the street or turn in the opposite direction to avoid the distraction and use treats to divert his attention to us. Hershey is a moderate energy boy.

A yard for him to get his zoomies out would be ideal! He loves being with his people and follows you wherever you go. This is fine for older kids but his enthusiasm to be near you may cause him to unintentionally knock the younger ones down.