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Spotlight Dog

Foster Update (10/2/2021) - Tyler is a very sweet and well behaved boy. He is a low energy dog and is happy to nap during the day. Tyler knows "heel, sit, stay, place, down, leave it" and walks perfectly on the leash. He is housebroken and trustworthy when left alone at home (does not need to be crated), he stays by the door and waits for his humans to get back and greets us with kisses and a wagging tail (does not jump). He does not bark much except if he hears some strange noise outside. Tyler's leash reactivity is very manageable since his extensive training and he responds very well to leave it and no. He does whine when he notices other dogs walking by, but does not bark or lunge. He is very treat motivated which makes training him easy. He can be shy and reserved initially but warms up to new people very quickly, especially if they offer him treats. He is not very interested in toys. Tyler loves to sing along every time he hears the ambulance pass by. Tyler will need an experienced dog family who can continue working with him to reinforce his training.