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Find Your FUREVER Friend! 

Spotlight Dog

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Stevie is so sweet and mellow. He has a kind heart and a very brave soul. He loves being next to me, he’s good on a leash, 100% potty trained, alerts you when he needs to go outside, good with other dogs, good with strangers, loves to smell kids. He knows when it dinner time. Doesn’t beg for food. Follows me around the house and sits at my feet all day when I’m working. He’s adventurous even though he can’t see. He has even become a running partner and enjoys a 2 mile run with his foster mom after work every day. I’ve never heard him bark, except when he’s dreaming. He’s a bit of a couch surfer but he usually waits to get invited up. He gets anxious when he’s alone so he needs a family who is home during the day.

Testing with an eye specialist has concluded that Stevie has no light reaction and is not a candidate for cataract surgery. The specialist believes he has been living with this condition for quite some time and is well adjusted to being blind.