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​Lifeboat Labs
Where Second Chances Save Lives 

This page is dedicated to Labrador Retrievers in need of a "Lifeboat." The dogs pictured here are considered our hospice Labs and need your donations for help with surgery, medications or other medical ailments.


Labrador Rescuers is a grass roots organization run by dedicated and caring volunteers. We count on generous people like you to send a Lifeboat to these wonderful companions of ours who just need a second chance at life. Won't you help us send a Lifeboat to one of the dogs pictured on this page?

20210607_115755 (1).jpg

Sweet Faith originally joined LR May 2019. She was in  very bad shape and it took a lot of effort to get her stable. She was adopted and unfortunately Faith was returned to LR in May 2021 due to her medical needs and unforeseen circumstances. She went back to her original foster home.


Faith has severe allergies and chronic ear infections along with Lyme disease and thyroid issues.  Faith tolerates her daily routine of care and is getting back to being at her best. Sweet Faith appears to be older than 8. She has poor vision and is deaf in one ear. 

She loves her foster pack and daily walks. Although sometimes she prefers a car walk versus a real walk.


Her arthritis and hips need the walks to keep the range motion intact. Faith demands to go for car walks. Her fosters make sure they take her on several car rides a week. Faith likes to play with her foster pack and is a crazy Old Lady after her weekly medicated baths. She loves nothing more than to snuggle on the couch and watch movies while getting her pets. 

Due to Faith's extensive daily medical care and special needs, and the expensive costs of her care, Faith will be a Lifeboat Lab staying in her foster home for the remainder of her life. Her fosters have her daily medical care down to science. Faith is happy there. They are willing to shower her with love and care for as long as she needs.

Please consider sponsoring Sweet Faith. A monthly donation will help with her extensive financial needs. Please consider donating to any of our Lifeboat/Hospice dogs they do need your support.


Belle came to LR after having to be separated from her owner because of hardship.

Shortly after going to her foster it became apparent she was uncomfortable in her mobility and discovered she needed bilateral elbow surgery.


Upon recovering from her surgery ready to find her new forever family another setback 

presented when it became obvious she was in a different kind of distress and pain. She was diagnosed with Perianal Fistula; a serious autoimmune disease that causes painful fissures, and chronic urinary tract infections.


Due to all the challenging special care Belle needs and the expensive costs of her medical issues she will be a LR Lifeboat Lab staying with her fosters for the remainder of her life who have learned how to accommodate her needs, keep her as comfortable as possible, and of course give her lots of love.


Despite her condition and all the medical care Belle has to undergo she continues to have a sweet and gentle spirit; always wanting to please.


Sweet Max was rescued from the shelter with several large lipoma masses which limited his mobility. Upon further exam he was found to have bladder stones which required a Cystotomy.


He recovered well from these two surgeries however was next diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus. After starting medication to control the Diabetes Insipidus he began to have seizures. Max has not had another seizure since starting medication to prevent seizures. However due to the cumulative costs of prescription food to prevent further bladder stones, along with the lifelong medications for Diabetes Insipidus and seizures, as well as ongoing medical expenses for testing and management of his various medical conditions, Max will live out his life in a loving foster home.


Max is the epitome of the happy easy going Lab, always ready for a pet with a tail wag and wondering when his next meal will be served with a typical Lab appetite.


Please consider a monthly donation to contribute to Max's ongoing medical care.  

Archie with trophy (2).jpg

Archer (Archie) came into Labrador Rescuers after being rescued by a good sam, from the streets of Mexico, he was in bad shape when he arrived and had to have medical attention, and to have 25 teeth removed over time (Ouch).

Archie loves car rides and snuggling on the settee with his loving foster mom, he is a well behaved boy in the home he loves retrieving the ball and a great ball throwing session.

Archie has the dubious honor of being the longest dog on the LR website, due to quirks in his behavior and unique traits, he never managed to find his own forever home.

Now with him getting up there in years at nearly 11 years old, the Lab Rescue peeps decided he should stay in his loving foster home forever and ever, there he is loved and adored by his foster family, and Archie is more than happy with that decision.


Please consider a donation to Labrador Rescuers on behalf of Archer,


Sweet Lily came into LR at the ripe old age of 13, her family had to sadly give her up due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lily is very happy and comfortable in her foster home. She is loved and adored and loves to hang out and relax and get lots of pets and love and treats.

She is recovering from a bout with Vestibular Disease and other health issues, related to her age.

It was decided to allow her to live out her days as a cherished Lifeboat lab, in the home she has come to love.

Please consider a monthly donation to contribute to Lilys ongoing medical care.  

Our Lifeboat Labs Thank You

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