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This page is dedicated to Labrador Retrievers in need of a "Lifeboat." The dogs pictured here need your donations for help with surgery, medications or other medical ailments.


Labrador Rescuers is a grass roots organization run by dedicated and caring volunteers. We count on generous people like you to send a Lifeboat to these wonderful companions of ours who just need a second chance at life. Won't you help us send a Lifeboat to one of the dogs pictured on this page?


Belle came to us after having to be separated from her owner because of hardship.

Shortly upon arriving it became apparent she was uncomfortable in her mobility and it was discovered she needed bilateral elbow surgery. Recovering from we thought she was finally ready for her new forever family; but then another set back presented when it became obvious she was in some other kind of distress and pain.

She was diagnosed with Perianal Fistula; a serious autoimmune disease that causes painful fissures, and chronic urinary tract infections. Despite her condition Belle continues to have a sweet and gentle spirit; always wanting to please. 

Due to all the special care Belle needs and the challenges and costs of her medical issues it has been decided she will be a LR Lifeboat Lab staying with her fosters who have learned how to accommodate her needs, keep her as comfortable as possible, and of course give her lots of love.


Poor Rusty.  12 years old, 90 lbs., arthritic, with a mast cell tumor on his back, Rusty was dumped in the desert when it was 112 degrees.  Really?

Picked up by Animal Control and taken to the shelter, he was rescued by one of our wonderful volunteers, and is finally safe.

Yes, Rusty has arthritis (and a very wonky way of walking due to it), he has a mast cell tumor on his back, his teeth aren’t the best, and he has a few other old age ailments requiring medication, but does that mean he’s not worth saving?

No, it doesn’t.  If anything, what it does mean is he deserves to have the best, most comfortable life from here on out.  Thinking he was most likely used as a backyard breeder dog, and found to be no longer useful, this just gives us more reason to spoil him with love and kindness, good food, and fun from now on.

Rusty is a loyal dog, so his heart was most likely broken  being dumped and left to fend for himself in that desert heat, thinking to himself, what did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong, Rusty!  You’re such a good boy, and we’ve got your back now.  Lab Rescuers has provided a safe, happy, comfortable place for Rusty to live where he will NEVER be dumped again.  His tail is happily wagging, he’s your typical Lab who loves to eat (and still thinks he’s starving, ha ha), and, as you can see, he loves his tennis balls.

With your help ($), we can better afford his medications to continue to keep him happy and comfortable, and give him all the tennis balls he wants!  Please consider donating towards Rusty’s hospice care.  He’s worth every penny. Thank you!


Guinness was on the euthanasia list in January 2015 when he was rescued out of an Orange County shelter. When Guinness came to Labrador Rescuers we discovered he had some nerve damage in his lower spinal area that caused incontinence and an inability to wag his tail. A few months later Guinness underwent surgery to alleviate the pressure on several nerves in his spine. The surgery helped and after four months, Guinness could wag his tail like a normal dog and his incontinence improved slightly. Guinness has Spondylosis of the spine and arthritis.

Guinness is very mellow, easy going and gets along with all dogs and cats. Guinness enjoys short walks, being with his foster parents, going for car rides and fetching any of his toys for a brief period. Guinness takes Proin twice a day for his incontinence and Vetprofin as needed for arthritis. When Guinness sleeps, he wears a belly band to assist with any incontinent issues. Guinness has been living with his foster family for over a year and will remain in their care where he is cherished and loved.


Sasha is a very sweet English style girl. She passed her evaluations, both human and dog to dog with an A+, is easy going and medium energy, has a happy waggy tail and is a wonderful girl. Sasha came into LR with what we hoped was a harmless Mammary mass, unfortunately when we had it removed and analysed it turned out to be a Grade 1 carcinoma with a 50% chance that it will spread. Due to her age and the fact that the cancer could spread, we decided to make Sasha a lifeboat lab, to be cared for by her loving foster Mom and foster family, who totally love this sweet girl.

Please consider a donation to help with Sasha's on going medical needs.


This uber sweet lab somehow found herself in a shelter at the age of 12-13. As a senior girl with arthritis she had no interest from the public, and with July 4th around the corner the shelter needed space......So here she is safe in a home where she is living like the queen she is meant to be. Snoozing and eating are her two favorite pastimes and she likes to hang out near her people and their dogs. She occasionally emits a bark at the resident kitties but they aren't too concerned so pretty much ignore her. Perhaps she is remembering her youth giving chase to these furry creatures. Tabby is happy and loved and will live out her life in comfort as a Lifeboat Lab.


Sweet Max was surrendered to the shelter at approximately 10 years of age. When he came to Lab Rescuers he was suspected to have possible laryngeal paralysis and had experienced a bad reaction to anesthesia at the shelter. Max's breathing difficulties and respiratory issues continued to worsen. After a consult with a specialist and additional testing Max was diagnosed with chronic airway disease, a thickened larynx and bullae on his lung. Given Max's declining condition, the risks associated with continued testing, and the unlikelihood that he could withstand a major surgery, he has been designated as a Lifeboat Lab. 


Max will remain in the loving care of his foster parents, who are committed to managing his care, which includes use of an inhaler twice daily, and keeping Max as comfortable as possible. Max has the typical sweet Lab personality and still enjoys short daily walks, occasional trips to the beach and of course eating!


When we save a senior from a shelter, we never know what underlying conditions may have sadly caused them to be dumped in their senior years. Thanks to Lab Rescuers these sweet oldies are able to end their days in a loving home instead of a scary shelter. 

Our Lifeboat Labs Appreciate Your Love & Kindness!


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