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​Courtesy Listings

The Courtesy Listing page is a service made available for private party adoptions. Adoption of a dog listed on this page, is solely between the adopter and the person listing the dog. Lab Rescue has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page and is not liable for this service. Potential adopters should meet the dog and conduct their own evaluation prior to adoption. Lab Rescue is not responsible for dogs adopted through this service.


We rescued them about three months apart from the San Bernardino animal shelter as puppies and nursed them back to health. They are almost four years old now.


Medium black dog is Mr Darcy he is a Queensland heeler lab mix and Penelope is a chihuahua. They are both crate trained (they sleep together in the same crate), house trained, potty trained, know to go lay in their beds when inside, both are microchipped, both are fixed, and I will be sure all shots are updated before adoption.


To start they are very loved, and have been cared for as a part of our family, our hearts are hurting over this, and this decision was not an easy one. We have just had too many things happen showing us that they are not suited to live with small children under the age of ten. We have a two year old and a new baby on the way.

 For more info contact: Ashley ~


On February 22, 2023, this sweet dog was found by a kind-hearted person boondocking near the Loreto Airport, named Christine. She noticed this dog was in desperate need of assistance.

Loreto residents Shanna and Dale Hutchins were walking at the beach that morning and encountered Christine who was working to help this dog in need.


Together we were able to get this pup to Doctor Juan to be examined. While the dog was in terrible shape, fortunately, the conditions that she was experiencing were treatable .... but it was going to take some time.


After 3 months of intensive treatment, including numerous medicated baths, topical treatments, oral medications, treatments for her eye infections, as well as, SNAP test and flea and tick prevention, etc. this very sweet girl, a Lab Mix approximately 7-8 years old, has made an amazing recovery!


Affectionately named after her rescuer, this beautiful dog now named Christine is ready to find her forever family.  We are pleased to share her incredible journey with the attached before and after photo.


Christine is one of the most remarkable recovery stories we have been a part of! Christine is fully vetted, with up-to-date vaccinations, health certificates, etc. Now that she has healed we would like to try to help her to live her best life!


However, we are located in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Due to our remote location, lack of a municipal or private animal shelter, and such a small population (less than 19,000 residents), it is very difficult to find suitable homes for adopting and re-homing animals here in Loreto.


We would love to speak with you about the possibility of partnering with your organization to help Christine find the perfect forever home in the USA.


If accepted into your organization, we can provide transportation and a donation to your organization.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss this by phone, it would be my pleasure. My contact information is: USA Cell (954) 608-7882.


We greatly appreciate your consideration! Look forward to speaking with you soon, and thanks again for helping pets in need!


My family and I are putting our dog, Mylee up for adoption.  We have had her for 8-years, but have twin 2-year olds and she hasn't done well as the kids have gotten older. We have realized that she does not do well with the loud noises, pulling her tail, jumping on her, scaring her, etc. and have decided that rehoming her is best for us as a family and for her to be able to live normally as a dog. We adopted her at 8-months old with no previous history or background on her.  She has no health issues, fully potty trained and a very chill, relaxed dog; we jokingly call her a cat because she lounges around and sleeps all day. 


She has had some food guarding issues, but we leave her alone while eating and have had no issues. With how she has been around the kids, we would recommend she be in a home with no children.  She has interacted well with other dogs, but has also been territorial when other dogs are in her home, so we would recommend a home with no other pets.


She is a loving and fantastic dog and we are looking to find an equally loving family that wants to adopt her and bring her into their family.

Fore more info about Mylee. please contact Jay at



Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Great Pyrenees mix

Weight: 60 lbs

Personality: Shelby is a sweet, silly girl who is the best of both worlds! She adores her humans, kids, and her pooch pack. When it’s time to turn the energy up she’s a fun, playful girl. However, once it’s time to mellow out she’s pawfectly content lounging and relaxing at home. She’s lovable and loyal through and through!

Education: This sweet girl was born with a condition that led to urinary incontinence. This may have been the end of her road, but TAP could see how special she is and stepped up to rescue her. She has undergone multiple procedures with TAP and is now ready to find a family of her own! She is house and bathroom trained and wears diapers when needed to help with any dribbling. Shelby is a smart cookie who is crate-trained and does well on the leash. She adores her pack but may be hesitant or a bit vocal around new friends/unusual sounds. Once she knows the coast is clear she warms right up!

Favorite Activities: Shelby’s happy place is with her family. She loves playing with her furry pals and cuddling with the kids. She adores being outside, her toys, and getting out for walks. Like any good girl, she is also a big fan of her beauty rest.

Looking for: Since Shelby is such a sweetheart, she would do well in a variety of homes. She would love other pups she can play with or go out for doggy playdates. She likes to chase cats, so they probably wouldn't be the best roommates. Shelby needs a loving human who is dedicated to her long-term care. She pawmises to love you for the long haul!l

Special needs: Shelby will need monitoring with an established vet for her long-term urinary care.

Adoption Fee: $ 350

For more info on Sweet Shelby, contact:


Lisa @

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