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The Courtesy Listing page is a service made available for private party adoptions. Adoption of a dog listed on this page, is solely between the adopter and the person listing the dog. Lab Rescue has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page and is not liable for this service. Potential adopters should meet the dog and conduct their own evaluation prior to adoption. Lab Rescue is not responsible for dogs adopted through this service.


Lilly Anne is a sweet 5 year-old gal. She is pretty laid back and happy to be around her people. She can be selective with other females but seems to do nicely with males. 
Lilly Anne maybe ok with cats.
For more information about Lilly Anne, contact:
Gabby Kidd @ 760.917.6500 /gabby.kidd@coastalgsrsd.org



4 year old Ozzy is the sweetest, most affectionate dog and will cuddle with you even if he just met you! He is excited to see any new people or dogs and will wag his whole butt and bring you his favorite toy. He LOVES fetch and is very high energy. The ideal home for him would be one with lots of people and/or other dogs to give him attention and play with him. He also would need a lot of space, particularly a large fenced yard because he grew up being able to play outdoors and is happiest when he can go outside. I could see him being happiest on a farm or ranch. He doesn't dig but he jumps, so the fence would have to be 6ft all around.
For more information about Ozzy, contact:
 mhsjessica@yahoo.com  /  909-957-5294



Meet Abby.  She’s great with children, seems to be very comfortable with them instantly - she’s been around my thirteen year old and my niece and nephew aged six and seven. 

She can be a bit clumsy in the house due to her size, age/hips which affects her gait.  Toddlers and babies might be at risk of getting knocked over.  But she is super sweet with plenty of love to give.

Her previous owner said she mostly ignores cats but I haven’t tested that. She’s just got a lot of life and a decent amount of energy in her for an old dog.

She will shadow you, but she doesn’t demand to be petted. I actually think another dog in the house would be good for her and she really does need to have access to a yard, as she does have some incontinence, but she is house trained.

For more info about Abby, contact: 
nayumikeegan@gmail.com / 425-501-7278

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My foster dog, Sam is looking for his forever home. He is a 2-year old Lab who is looking for a family that will give him the attention and love that he deserves. Vaccinations up to date. Sam is one of the happiest, most loving dogs that I’ve ever met, despite his past life.


At 2-weeks old, an adult dog slammed Sam’s head to the ground and he sustained a neck injury. The backyard breeder was ready to kill him because of his injury, until a family member stepped in to take him. He was taken from his mother at only 5 weeks old, and has been neglected & abused for the past two years. Sam was living in a pen outside, would go without necessary medication causing him to have multiple seizures, and was just a blob of a dog who never got to do anything. 


Sam is partially blind, and lacks certain motor skills, making standing on slippery surfaces difficult for him. He has improved drastically over the past month that I’ve had him! He is epileptic, & his *seizures are controlled on medication*. He hasn’t had a single seizure with me.


Sam doesn’t let these challenges stop him; he is such a smart boy with a lot of love to give. He loves all people, dogs, loves learning new things, playing tug, and he enjoys swimming. Sam is crate-trained, house-trained, walks well on a leash, lets me file his nails, and is very receptive to training. He needs a family who will keep up with training post-adoption, & he needs to continue losing some weight.


My name is Lindsay, and Sam is currently living with me and my dogs. I am a professional dog behaviorist and work with him daily. Post-adoption training is included for this sweet guy. Please reach out to me to apply: