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​Courtesy Listings

The Courtesy Listing page is a service made available for private party adoptions. Adoption of a dog listed on this page, is solely between the adopter and the person listing the dog. Lab Rescue has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page and is not liable for this service. Potential adopters should meet the dog and conduct their own evaluation prior to adoption. Lab Rescue is not responsible for dogs adopted through this service.


Mazi is very sweet and adaptable. She is 6-8 months old and is a beautiful - so soft and loving. I am hoping to find a trainer or someone who would love to give Mazie a good home. She is a double merle and is having vision and hearing issues. Her current care provider has been advised to put her down. I am trying to find her some time and resources so this does not have to happen.

Please help,


949-573-5579 /


4 year old Ozzy is the sweetest, most affectionate dog and will cuddle with you even if he just met you! He is excited to see any new people or dogs and will wag his whole butt and bring you his favorite toy. He LOVES fetch and is very high energy. The ideal home for him would be one with lots of people and/or other dogs to give him attention and play with him. He also would need a lot of space, particularly a large fenced yard because he grew up being able to play outdoors and is happiest when he can go outside. I could see him being happiest on a farm or ranch. He doesn't dig but he jumps, so the fence would have to be 6ft all around.
For more information about Ozzy, contact:  /  909-957-5294



DeeDee is a ~1.5yr old, 25lb retriever/spaniel/shepherd/dachsund mix (at least that’s what she looks like and she loves to swim!). She is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines. She has the softest and silkiest coat ever. She doesn’t seem to shed very much if at all. Location: Palm Springs, CA

DeeDee was found stray in Indio in April 2022. 

You’d never know DeeDee had been let down by her humans because she is the most darling, snuggly girl BUT she barks at new things because she’s had to take care of herself until now. AND she’s also protective of her owner and space out of her shepherd instinct but at heart she LOVES nice people if her owner gives her the greenlight on them.

She LOVES to play, chase, wrestle and nuzzle and snuggle whoever her family are – fur and human. She has two best friends in her foster home -  a 15lb Pug/Chihuahua mix and a 40lb Wheaten mix. She really needs a  friendly fur sibling in her new home too. Having a friend to play with gives her the confidence and exercise she needs. She also learns so much from another dog.

DeeDee is very smart and athletic. She LOVES to swim with her person, so having a pool would be ideal as it would be a great and easy way to get her the exercise she craves. She IS a barker when visitors come to the house. She’s being taught to mellow on that front but she’s got a ‘watch dog’ in her. So a non-busy home would be best. She’s learning to be more confident on leash so she doesn’t have to feel on guard all the time. An experienced owner and someone who is cool with some initial positive training is what she’s hoping to find.

She is one dreamy girl who’s worth effort now while she’s young.

If you think you may be a match for DeeDee you can call/text 310.737.8526. You can also fill out an application at And don’t worry if you aren’t a perfect match for her, we may have another darling in need that you would match with. We are a team of independent rescuers and are always looking for help, fosters, co-fosters and amazing adopters. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.01.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.02.13 PM.png

We rescued them about three months apart from the San Bernardino animal shelter as puppies and nursed them back to health. They are almost four years old now.


Medium black dog is Mr Darcy he is a Queensland heeler lab mix and Penelope is a chihuahua. They are both crate trained (they sleep together in the same crate), house trained, potty trained, know to go lay in their beds when inside, both are microchipped, both are fixed, and I will be sure all shots are updated before adoption.


To start they are very loved, and have been cared for as a part of our family, our hearts are hurting over this, and this decision was not an easy one. We have just had too many things happen showing us that they are not suited to live with small children under the age of ten. We have a two year old and a new baby on the way.

 For more info contact: Ashley ~

Luna Pic.jpg
Dog Pic 2.jpg

Unfortunately we need to rehome our 2 yr old black lab, Luna. She is very sweet and well trained. We have only had her for a short time so we are still learning but what we have seen from her is that she is a very good companion.  She is house trained, up to date on her shots, Great on a leash, and good during car rides. We have learned that she is best being the only dog in the house and takes awhile to warm up to other dogs before she is comfortable with them. Please call and we can give you all the details to see if she is the right fit for you.

For more info contact: 

Patti 619-670-7114

Willie 619-517-5558

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