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Become a Volunteer
Get Involved and Join the Labrador Rescuers Team

Without great help we could not have rescued hundreds of dogs who otherwise wouldn’t have the healthy, happy lives they do now! We are always in need of dog loving individuals to assist us with the laborious work and dedication it takes to run a rescue organization. 


If you would you would like to be a part of this fulfilling opportunity and join our team, please fill out our Volunteer Application so that we can contact you!

Ways to Volunteer 
Here Are Just a Few Ways You Can Lend a Paw

As a volunteer you fill a special niche in our organization, and there are many ways to help! 

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Fostering a dog in your home is a highly

rewarding way to assist Labrador Rescuers


Many of our dogs need help getting where they need to go. Be their

wheels with feels

Home Review

Join our field crew responsible for home visits and verifying our adopted dogs receive the very best

Financial support is critical to our mission and success. Ask about how you can help with fundraising

Fostering FAQ's
Some Helpful Hints on a Highly Rewarding Opportunity


What does fostering entail?


The foster home welcomes the dog into their home and provides food, shelter, exercise, training and love until the dog finds a permanent approved home. Fosters speak with prospective families about the dog, and when possible they bring the dog to adoption events to help it find a family.


Why are foster homes needed?


Foster homes save lives! When a dog is in a foster home rather than boarding we have more space to rescue dogs from shelters who might otherwise be euthanized. Fosters find out about the personality and temperament of the dog so that adoptions with families can be based on those qualities.


Who is responsible for expenses of the foster dog? 


Before a Lab is placed in a foster home we make sure the dog is up to date on vaccines, has heartworm and fecal tests and is spayed or neutered. Then the foster provides the basics such as food, transportation, exercise, shelter, and love.

Where do you find the potential adopters for your foster dog?


All potential adopters complete an adoption application and have a home visit before they are approved to adopt. Once approved the home visit rep contacts the foster family to see if they may be a suitable fit for your foster dog. 


What do I with my foster dog if I go on vacation?


Lab Rescuers will find a temporary foster home for your foster dog while you are away or cover the cost to board them at one of our partner vet facilities if needed.


Who decides who adopts my foster dog?


You the foster decides who gets to adopt your foster dog. You know them better than anyone and what environment they will do best in.


What support system do I have if I need help?


Lab Rescuers has volunteers in key roles ready to help with any questions or advice you need. We have a group email which all volunteers use to ask questions and share information.  You are not alone.

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