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Labrador Rescuers 2025 Calendar General Photo Submission
It's Time To Submit Your General Photos. They Will Be Placed Randomly Throughout Our 2025 Calendar...

We believe ALL dogs are stars. However, we can only fit 12 in our calendar and only Lab Rescue dogs qualify as monthly star submissions.


Consider a general photo submission of your furry family member instead for only $15 per photo!  General photos will be included throughout the calendar.


General photo submissions DO NOT include a copy of the 2025 calendar

2024 Cover.jpg


Pay for your $15.00 general photo submission(s) by clicking on this PayPal link

Follow the PayPal prompts and instructions. 

Don't forget to make note of your PayPal Order Number!


Attach and email your photo(s) to


Please include the following information in your email:

  • The Name(s) of the dog(s) or pet(s) you're submitting​​

  • Your PayPal order confirmation number​​

Thank You for Supporting Labrador Rescuers!
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