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Rescue Dogs Rule!


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It’s our PLATINUM year!!!

Labrador Rescuers has been Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming the stray, abandoned and abused Labrador Retrievers for 20 years.

The founders created Labrador Rescuers with the intent on saving Labradors Retrievers especially those with medical needs.  Over time, a strong network of supporting partner veterinarians was established to support our mission and to date, over 5,600 Labradors have been successfully rescued.  


Many of these dogs required extensive medical care for injuries and wounds, neglect, hip and knee surgeries and rehab, cancers, eye abnormalities, ear issues, limb amputations and other significant medical needs.

Thank you to all of our supporters and we look forward to many years ahead of Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming the stray, abused, neglected and abandoned Labrador Retrievers.

Adoption Event
March 9th 10 - 12

3421 Via Montebello, Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Come Visit Labrador Rescuers At Walk For The Animals Kit Carson Park In Escondido On March 16th 7am - 11am


Fosters Needed

Consider opening your home temporarily to a dog in need. Fostering is an important step on a pet’s journey to their forever home. A home environment is best for their health and wellbeing. Fostering dogs in a home environment allows them to thrive in a home setting and practice forming bonds. Fostering a dog is a highly rewarding way to assist Labrador Rescuers.

Spotlight Dog


Ringo has received his medical clearance and is now ready to be adopted. We have learned a lot about Ringo since his last update. He is a very sweet dog that has some challenges from his previous life. Ringo is slow to trust people and in general is wary of them. He has made significant progress but needs continued reinforcement from his people and needs to learn that he can trust them. He needs a family that is relatively quiet. Loud noises, unexpected noises, or just excessive activity cause him some distress. For this reason, a family with no children is preferred. Ringo seems to do slightly better with women than with men. Ideally his family should have minimal alone time and a retired or stay-at-home individual would be a big plus. Ringo needs a family that has a lot of experience with dogs and is familiar with training. He gets along great with other dogs. His new family should also have one or more dogs that can provide Ringo with 1) companionship (when Ringo is feeling overwhelmed he will seek out one of our other dogs to lie down with), 2) mentoring (Ringo is always looking to our dogs for cues on behavior), and 3) playtime (Ringo is always trying to engage our dogs in play). Ringo has many other great qualities that clearly indicate he's going to be a fantastic dog for some lucky family. He just needs somebody to invest in him.

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