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Labrador Rescuers Rainbow Bridge

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes in need. We take pride in rescuing dogs that are perceived as less desirable due to their age, physical/medical condition, or ailment they may have. The vast majority of our dogs are sucessfully rehabilitated, adopted to loving homes, and go on to live happy and healthy lives. But there are the few that become our Lifeboat Labs. These special dogs are loved and cared for by their foster families until they leave us for their journey to Rainbow Bridge.

This page is dedicated to them and their foster families

In memory of : Abby
Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

Lab Rescuers lost a very special little girl, Lifeboat Lab, Abby.

I got to be the lucky one who spent the last 7 months looking at that beautiful face. Abby had a way of smiling. That was one of my favorite things about her.
After the initial week of figuring out where she could potty and where she could not, we were good to go!

She blended right in, enjoyed her neighborhood walks, sniffing, and loved her meals.

My neighbors and family all loved her and pitched in to cover while we went to Idyllwild, as her doctor recommended she not go due to the altitude and her age of 14. I still wish she had come, so we’d have had that memory.

Abby was an easy foster, which was really nice. We will always miss our Abby girl and feel grateful to have had this special time with her, and enjoyed watching her get all worked up to her very energetic, but mostly soundless bark. Funny. Yes, she was a special girl!

Thank you, LR, for stepping up once again to help an old dog in need. It’s what LR does best.

RIP, beautiful Abby. You are missed.

In memory of : Jagger
Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

Another wonderful save by one of our intake volunteers, after hearing about a sweet old yellow boy, who wound up at one of the scariest shelters around. No one else took a second look. We rescued him on our first look; no second look necessary. We were aware that he was very slow to get up, but there's always hope that with good food, meds, and a soft comfortable place to rest, these seniors might improve and get to live a longer life, being loved and cherished, safe and warm, as they should be.

Jagger was a 'super' sweet dog. He's what we call bombproof, meaning he didn't have a mean bone in his body. Jagger wanted to be near his person. It was difficult for him to get up and down, due to leg problems and neuropathy, but he loved to follow his person around, so he tried really hard to tag along.

Jagger was having much difficulty breathing at night, so it was felt it was time to let him go. We are so proud and happy we were able to give Jagger happiness at the end of his life, and make his peaceful transition so painless and stress free while eating doggy biscuits.

RIP, Sweet Jagger

In memory of : Mona Lisa
Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

I think one of the hardest parts of losing your own beloved dog or your beloved foster dog is there's 'one less bowl to fill.' 💔

Mona Lisa was a 'really' nice girl. She would rally everyday at the dog park to play ball. She loved playing ball, would get in position for a possible catch, and may fall down, may get bumped into a little, but she was 'in it to win it.' An occasional deep bark if she wasn't getting her share too. :-) Don't know how she wound up at the shelter, but we were lucky to get her. She needed our help, and our group was there for her.
That's what we do. 💕

Monie became a Lifeboat Lab, due to many health issues, and within the last few days, she began having seizures, walking in circles, and was very disoriented, so it was time.

She had some very happy days at the end of her life, and that's what counts the most. Our rescue is very good at giving that gift to homeless dogs.

Rest In Peace, sweet girl. You are very much missed.

In memory of : Logan
Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

Sweet Little Logan was pulled from the Coachella Valley Shelter on 4/2/15. Logan was estimated to be 8-10 years old. We knew when we pulled Logan, that he had arthritis, but what we didn't know is he also had kidney disease.

Lab Rescuers did everything we could to keep Logan comfortable and happy in the short time he was with us. He was such a sweet little soul, and he was a joy to have with us, even if only for a short time. Many people at the vet's office would remark how they loved Logan's visits, and he was so good about receiving his sub-q fluids, given in hopes of delaying Logan's kidney failure.

Kind hearted, Logan, was good with dogs, cats, and kids.

Rest in peace and sleep with the Angels, sweet Little Logan. You were a very good boy.

In memory of : Ernest
Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

Ernest … handsome yellow boy, who melted many hearts, has gone to his final rest. Back legs not so strong, tripping over curbs, but bouncing up and down when he thought he saw food … that was Ernest. Talk about a food hound! Ernest ALWAYS thought he was starving to death! He could eat two meals in a row and he would gulp each one down like he hadn’t eaten in a week! Ernest had tumors growing on his face, butt, and feet when he was rescued. His ears were so inflamed it took months to get them better, leaving him deaf. Or maybe his deafness was a result of so many years of neglect? There was some abuse, because you could put your hand above him, and he would flinch. His teeth were worn down and not so pretty, but oh, those eyes were always full of expression.

He was such a love; mild-mannered, and sweet, and thanks to LR, he was rescued, and had many good months of car rides, fun at the dog park, good food, a soft, warm bed, and lots of treats, hugs, and kisses. One thing after another gave out on Ernest’s body, his back end weak, his legs twisted, his mind slow, but we can be proud to say that ‘the rest of Ernest’s life’ was a good one, and that was due to this wonderful group of people called Labrador Rescuers coming to his rescue.

If Ernest could talk, I’m sure he would just say, “Thank you, you nice people, for saving me. I was so scared, but then, all of a sudden, I felt so much better.”

Rest in Peace, Ernest.

In memory of : Murray
Dedicated by:
Murray's Extended LR Family

Not every rescue dog arrives at LR ready for its first photo shoot, and none was less prepared than Murray. At age 10, Murray had been dreadfully neglected, was flea bit, had bald inflamed skin patches with no fur, and severely infected ears. It took LR several months to iron out all his medical issues, including learning that he had Cushing’s Disease, and even longer to get his skin and fur in top notch condition. By that time, poor Murray was more than 11 years old—far beyond the prime adoptable age.

When LR has a dog that is deemed unadoptable, usually for medical reasons, that dog becomes a Lifeboat Lab. We know these dogs will live out their lives without being adopted. Murray became a Lifeboat Lab. Murray lived out his life in the care of loving LR volunteers. We were his forever family.

Murray did recover from many of his early health issues, but he still had Cushings Disease, worn teeth that required special food, and more than a little arthritis. But Murray had much to give. His fosters got unconditional love and the best pack member ever. He was very accepting of other foster dogs and even the occasional foster cat. Murray loved everyone and could often be found sharing his special bed or his toys with other pack members. His fur grew in so thick that he earned his nickname “Murray Bear”. He even lumbered like a bear when he ran! And yes, he even enjoyed the occasional slow motion game of fetch, carrying the tennis ball everywhere. Murray loved nothing more than putting his head quietly in your lap, or stealing a tiny morsel of human food. He made no demands on “his” people. He was a great companion dog. We miss you Murray. The family isn’t quite the same without you. Godspeed.

In memory of : Baby Bear
Dedicated by:
Mike and Mary Brogdon

Bear was a big, beautiful, happy lab who was adopted by a loving family when he was a puppy. When Bear started exhibiting problems with his rear legs, his family sought help. Labrador Rescuers got involved and Bear's young life was cut short when he was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of ten months. Even though Bear struggled with the disease and did not know why his legs were not working, he was a happy dog. Bear was a trooper and made the most out of his short life. Bear will be missed but he is in Heaven running at full speed with all his doggie friends. We love him and miss his beautiful face.

Nov. 7, 2012

In memory of : Solomon

Dedicated by:
Angela Larson and Heike Maglaque

Solomon was found as a stray, which, given his physical condition, seemed particularly cruel. Solomon was with LR and our family for far too short a time. However, in that time, he taught us so very many important and lasting lessons. Although only about nine years of age, Solomon had extreme difficulty walking, often faltering and collapsing after only a few steps, the result of extreme neglect and surgery he needed all his life but was denied. But Solomon's tenacity, and his dedication to the completion of each step, was indeed a marvel to behold. We had the privilege of bearing witness to these steps, and his footprints left a lasting impression on our hearts.

I have a vivid image of Solomon on his last walk, which was nothing short of a triumph. During his brief tenure here, he joined us for limited walks, often waiting at the end of the driveway for our return from the grove. We would watch him from afar, his posture nothing short of regal. But on the day of his final walk, he reached the end of the driveway and kept going, simultaneously thrilling and alarming me. My pack and I followed him, and I caught him when he faltered. He was undeterred despite my admonitions that it was "too far" and that he had to turn back. Solomon finally collapsed under an avocado tree, where we joined him for a rest from the unrelenting sun. Today we still call this Solomon's Tree. As I predicted, he could not make it back to the house. However, I had learned from Solomon to always give it your all and to adapt in the face of adversity. With these lessons in mind, I found a way to get him home. He was never to take that many steps again.

Dear Solomon, we will always miss you terribly.

Sept. 10, 2012

In memory of : Barrymore
Dedicated by:
Karen and Michael Pellettera

Sweet Barrymore, picked up lost and neglected as a stray, was rescued from a high kill shelter. His chances of adoption were slim to none – he had lots of lumps and bumps, he had horrible breath, his back end looked a little weak, and he was many years past the lovable puppy stage. Luckily our fantastic LR team saw past the imperfections and looked into his beautiful, soulful brown eyes and snatched him from that shelter on his last day when his family never claimed him.

He immediately found his foster family on Feb. 25, 2012 and…

(Read Barrymore's story of rescue here)

April 26, 2012

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