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Your 5 Step Dog Adoption Process

1) Complete your adoption application which is located below this form. You must be 18 years of age to adopt.

2) Submit your application fee of $25.00 (this can be paid via check to Labrador Rescuers, PO Box 221038,  San Diego, CA  92192-1038 or the preferred method of using PayPal using the link on our Adoption Donation page). Our goal is for a volunteer to contact you within 7-10 days days of receipt. PLEASE NOTE - you will not receive a confirmation of your submission.   The application fee is considered a donation and is nonrefundable once the home visit is completed.  

3) A Labrador Rescuer Volunteer will be assigned to assist you and will schedule a time to visit to your home.

4) Once you are approved to adopt please attend our adoption events listed on our home page. We will also work to set up meet and greets with dogs at their foster homes. We work to guide you to dogs that would best fit your lifestyle. Please understand it is not about first-come, first-served, but more about finding a dog who would best fit your situation. Please be patient.

5) Your new Labrador finds you! Once the adoption paperwork and the donation/fee is submitted, you can Welcome your New Dog to their Forever Home!

Please remember we are all Volunteers with other responsibilities in Life. We work very hard to help you find your dog but we need your help. Please understand we cannot reserve dogs and this process often takes time. The more patient and flexible you can be, the more opportunities we have to help you.

Thank you from Labrador Rescuers for using our Rescue Group to find your New Dog!

General Agreement
I am at least 18 years of age and all the information I have provided in my application is truthful and complete. I agree to the spay/neuter and training requirements as stated in my Foster and /or Adoption Agreements. I also agree that the dog I am adopting will not reside outside but will be a dog allowed to live with me in my home. I will provide my new dog adequate food, water, exercise, shelter, safety, and affection. I agree to provide yearly vaccinations and regular Veterinary visits and to provide the necessary medical care needed and comply with all animal licensing requirements of my city and county. I also agree to provide monthly flea treatments. I agree to fully inspect the dog prior to adopting. I understand that Labrador Rescuers is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided about the dogs available for adoption.

I will not relinquish ownership, abandon or dispose of the dog. If I am unable to keep the dog, I understand I need to allow Labrador Rescuers right of first refusal. I understand that no reimbursements of payment will be made to me.

I understand and fully agree to the Terms of Adoption. Labrador Rescuers in not liable for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the adoption of a dog.

I understand that by submitting this application on-line, that I am agreeing to the terms and conditions of this General Agreement.
How did you hear about Labrador Rescuers?
Are you currently working with another rescue group? If so who?
How soon do you hope to adopt?
Please indicate the area that you live (example: Pacific Beach, Carmel Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Encanto, Otay Mesa, North or South Park).
What is the best way to contact you? (Email, phone, text)
Please re-enter the email address to contact you regarding adopting a lab:
Please list the dogs you are interested in meeting and why:  
If your top choices are not available, would you like to continue with the adoption process?
    Yes   No  
Why do you want to adopt a lab? (Companion for other dog, companion for me, companion for children, to become a therapy/service dog, guard dog, etc.)
Please list the characteristics you find important in the dog you adopt:
Please indicate if you have a preference of color, sex, and age range. Please describe the energy level that is best for your family:
How many hours on average will your dog be home WITHOUT human companionship per day?  If your dog will be alone for more than 6 hours what is the plan?
Where will the dog be when you ARE NOT at home?
Where will the dog spend their time when you ARE home?
Where will your dog sleep at night?
List any co-applicant, their name, and their relationship with you:
How many adults in household?
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7     
If applicable, please list children/ages that live or frequently visit your home?
Have your children been around dogs? If so, please describe:
Does anyone in your home have allergies to animals?
Please list all current animals that live or visit your home. (Cats, birds, small animals, Dogs), (Age, breed, gender, temperament, altered):
How many dogs have you owned in the past 5 years?:
What happened to those you donít currently own?

Have you ever had to give a pet away?  If yes, please explain:
Do you own or rent your home?
    Own   Rent  
How long have you lived at this address?
Which best describes your home?
    One story house   Multi level house   apartment   condo   ranch   military housing   mobile home   RV   other  
If you rent, do you have written documentation from your landlord authorizing you to have a LARGE BREED dog?
    Yes   No   N/A  
Please describe your yard and fencing;( size, fencing type, height, gate, fenced pool, shelter for your dog, etc):
Does the fence completely enclose the yard for a dog?
    Yes   No  
Newly adopted dogs go through an adjustment period, therefore we require you to be home with your dog for at least the first 3-5 days. What arrangements will you make to ensure your dog can adjust safely?
Describe training you have attended with your past dogs and what training you will utilize with your new dog:
Do you have a doggie door for free access to the home or will you be installing one?
Describe the exercise program you will engage in with your dog:
Describe discipline/training methods you use to discourage bad dog behavior: (barking, chewing, marking, etc.):
When you travel away from your home, who will care for you dog?
Dogs require annual vaccinations and routine veterinary care.  Please estimate total care costs you are willing to pay for the dog (including vet care, food, grooming, licensing, toys, training, etc.) for a year.
Please list ALL circumstances that would require you to give up your dog:

    dog too rough   too much energy   divorce   relocation   deployment   dog illness   human illness   new job   loss of job   dog chew/digs/destoys   needs special diet   new baby   dog bite   not good with other dogs   separation anxiety   not house trained   not good with cats   too time consuming   jumps up   none-I can deal with any issue  
Do you agree to contact Labrador Rescuers if you can no longer keep this dog?
    Yes   No  
You and a Labrador Rescuer Volunteer will be a team in selecting your new dog, which requires a home visit. Will you allow a Volunteer to visit your home?
    Yes   No  
How will you submit your Application Fee?
To submit your fee visit the "Adoption Info" link after clicking "SAVE" at the end of the application; you will not be prompted automatically.
    Check to P.O. Box   PayPal  
I have read the sections above titled "Your 5 Step Dog Adoption Process" and "The General Agreement"?  
    No   Yes  
Please indicate that you understand that adoption fees for relinquished dogs are NOT refundable unless special circumstances exist, and those cases require a review by the Board of Directors.
    No   Yes  
I understand this is a non-profit organization made up of 100% Volunteers who do this for the love of these amazing animals. Check with your accountant to determine if your adoption donation can be tax deductible. We utilize ALL fees and donations to assist in the needs of the Labs we rescue. Adoption fees do not cover the full cost of rescuing these animals.

Any Additional Donations are Greatly Appreciated and Desperately Needed
Additional Comments:

***You must complete the box below and click "Save" to submit your application***
PLEASE NOTE:  You will not be sent an acknowledgement of your application.  

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