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Ryder   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4408   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever- (purebred)
Age:  5 years        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  Yellow - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 97lbs   Tail: 
Other: * In addition to the adoption donation fee of $350, I require a fully refundable training deposit of $150.   Coat: 

Ryder is a beautiful, English-type yellow lab. He’s also quite the sweetheart. He was just neutered and has been prescribed limited activity for two weeks. So reports on how he walks, runs and swims will have to wait until then.

So far, he seems content being around humans and relaxing on the floor with them in his sight. He also loves playing with balls and other toys. He seems to like fetch although he often just carries his ball around in his mouth or sitting next to it. Again, limited activity precludes a full “fetch” eval for a few weeks. He also loves socks ;) He is new to stairs and manages them very gingerly. He does not show any aggression, food or otherwise, and is fine with other dogs. He does not seem interested in interacting with other dogs, however, and seems to prefer interacting with humans.

He loves food and gobbles it up enthusiastically. He also takes treats rather enthusiastically (we will work on that). He seems to be very interested in human food but hasn’t gone so far as to counter surf yet. He knows sit and is fully housetrained, with no marking behavior so far. His love of food has caused him some extra pounds, which seem to slow him down a bit (I hear that!). Hopefully with some healthy eating and exercise he can shed about 15 lbs and put back some of the bounce in his step.


Ryder is getting back into the swing of things since his neutering and expressing more and more of his personality. He continues to be a big sweetie and loves attention and head massages. If you stop he will tap you to let you know to keep going.

Here are some other things about Ryder. He walks well on a leash- minimal if any pulling, and enjoys walks. He’s lower energy so would not make an ideal running partner or serious hiker. He knows sit, and come but no other commands. He has good recall and doesn’t wander too far away. He was good at the dog park. He enjoyed playing fetch (5 throws and he takes a rest) and ignored other dogs. Getting to and from the dog park can be an issue depending on the vehicle- with my compact SUV he cannot get in or out without help and getting help is not easy as he tends to lie down like a mule and almost 100 lbs of dead weight is hard to lift. For suvs he would need a doggie ramp. He IS able to get in and out of the Jetta. Once in the car, he rides just fine. He is a good sleeper and divides his time between his cozy bed and the cool bathroom floor. He does not get on the furniture/human bed unless invited and encouraged. He is a light snorer.

He continues to have loose stools occasionally and has had a few pee accidents in the house. It’s best to take him out at regular intervals as he might not tell you he needs to go. And.... he sometimes eats poop. Oh well he’s still a lovable bear.

Ryder loves being around his humans. He will go in the crate with some food enticement but prefers being by your side. He can be a little destructive if left on his own, so he needs to be crated or in an indestructible area when alone. And since he likes to get up, change positions, and walk around, an ideal home would be one where he could hang out with his humans all day or the vast majority of the time. He would make a great “take to work” dog. He goes a little bonkers when he sees cats, so he will need a feline- free home.

He is not a barker. The only barks come occasional when he feels frustrated and crowded by my dog- then he has a warning bark and growl. He might prefer being the only pet- the canine king of the castle.

Are you his perfect match??

Additional information:  *Needs home with no cats   *Current on shots  

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