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Cody   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4299   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Labrador Retriever (mix)
Age:  7 months        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  (Unknown or N/A) - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 29.5 lbs   Tail: 
Other: **In addition to the adoption donation fee of $350, I require a $150 refundable   Coat: 
Description: 8/20/17 Update:

Cody is a very sweet, loyal & well mannered youngster. He has grown by leaps & bounds, both in his size and his confidence. He is very playful and loves to be challenged. He has learned fetch and returns nearly all the time. Like all puppies, Cody enjoys helping with the yard work so a watchful eye is necessary while he is in the yard.

At 5 months old Cody is doing really well but he is a puppy and loves to chew. He loves toys, nylabones and kongs, which are all fun. Cody loves to play with his humans as well. He loves to wrestle around a little and gains confidence each time.

Cody is potty trained and weíve had almost no accidents in the house. He currently knows:

Sit, Come, Off, Look, Fetch and No

He is working on learning:

Down, Stay and Heel

We are currently working with him on a leash and improves every day. Cody gets along well with cats, however it was with proper introductions and ongoing training (for both Cody and the kitties).

Cody gets along well with all type s of dogs but will get frightened of dogs that are approaching to quickly. Once he gets used to the other dog(s), he is happy and goes along with the pack.

Cody and his brother and sisters were found living at a construction site. Cody is the largest of the group and is very confident as he discovers his new world. Loud noises donít seem to bother them to much.

He loves to play in the backyard with his brother and sisters and will also try to play with his 90lb foster brother.

When Cody and his siblings first came to our house they were very timid and unsure of people. When it was time to go outside for a potty break they wouldnít walk on their own and had to be carried each time. Cody was the first one to test the waters and try to go out on his own. Now, after just 3 days, they are now running in and out on their own. Each day they discover that being a puppy is fun.

Cody has pretty much ignored the cat that lives here but could probably learn to live with one given the right guidance and patience.

If you would like to meet Cody, visit the Adoption Info page to submit an application.

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