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Charleen - Adoption Pending   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4284   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Black Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Age:  6 years, 3 months        Gender:  Female
Size:    Color(s):  Black - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 89lbs   Tail: 
Other: * In addition to the adoption donation fee of $350, I require a fully refundable training deposit of $150.   Coat: 
Description: This super sweet darling girl, came our way via a high kill shelter where she was sitting waiting for her owners to come, when they failed her we stepped in. Charleen is a English girl with the sweetest disposition and she is just a love, she know to sit on command, seems great with other dogs and just loves to wag her tail and be sweet.

Charleen aka 'Charly' is now with her fosters & an 11 yr old lab fur brother. (as of 6/15) It took her about a week to settle in & get comfortable & then her fun, sparkling personality blossomed.

She's a bit anxious to new things or events but catching onto the routine quickly. Anxious meaning takes her some time to relax, that's when the heavier type panting occurs. She's not scared anxious, & not scared of much- can hear neighbors across fence line & is not bothered. That lab tail wags constantly :) so coffee table keep clear of breakables! :) She is a heavy panter until she settles, this is due to her being very overweight (she should be about 65lbs) & a slightly long soft palate, like a bulldog, which is what she sounds like at excited times :) (leash coming out or toys ready to toss & feeding time)

Also, due to her overweight she does overheat quickly, (yes, there is truth that black dogs overheat quicker than lighter dogs) so cool times of the day are her best walks. A home that stays cool will be best too. She loves walks and playing in yard, gets VERY excited for all this- maybe she didn't do much of it... She loves to lay in the water from her bowl- yes, that is outside. She is not a dainty gal. ;) Id assume she would love water play. She is a playful gal, but short bursts, not all the time- will relax with you, maybe could be 5 yrs old.

As of 6/21 She's met neighborhood kiddos, 5 & up & is happy for pets & wants to meet all, people & dogs. Toddlers may need to 'brace for impact' , as she is not totally aware of all her surroundings that she bumps. She is house trained, has in / out access when we are home & outside when we are not, does well- no mischief.

For a chubby gal, she walks well & moves at a great pace, great on the EZ harness. She likes to fetch too & that's great exercise. She is a foodie, like most labs, so we are working on somewhat calmly getting meals & treat taking nicely. Meals are gone in 60 seconds. She is eating healthy (less food, kibble with healthy adds mixed in- sweet potatoes mashed, carrots, green beans) to assist with the weight loss, along with 1-2 x daily walks (about 1 mile each so far) & some ball play.

6/25 weighed in at 86lbs. So she's on the weight loss road.

7/6 weighs 82 Lbs

She won't be a long miles hiking pal or run partner, but a good local walk pal/ beach walker / cafe enjoyment & play time will suit her. Her new fur parents need to be committed to her exercise plan & healthy eating to keep the weight coming/ staying off. Also, have the patience & time to be around to allow her to get settled in her forever home that first week or 2. She is a lover of a lab who will happily be by your side, wherever you choose to be. Contact us if you'd like to meet Charly :)

Additional information: 

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